Workplace wellness is much more than HRA’s and healthy pot-lucks

  • It’s about creating a culture where employees love to come to work. 
  • It’s about empowering your employees so they are invested in the success of your organization.
  • It’s about having happier, healthier, more productive employees.

At TrendSetters Workplace Wellness, we partner with organizations to create and support healthy work environments, provide state of the art consulting services, and develop strategic programs that engage employees. 

We specialize in exhilarating and easy to implement corporate wellness programs, employee appreciation events and team building activities. Our out of the box solutions are ideal for groups of all sizes.

We have a proven track record. Helping businesses and employees is our passion.

 to read about some of our other successful initiatives.

“The town saved $300,000 off its initial proposed rates for this year. The town’s average rate increase over the past three years was less than 1 percent, and each year since the wellness program was implemented, that change has been ‘exponentially’ less.”  North Raleigh News , May 23, 2012

I invite you to check out our website and see which of our programs interest you. Then give us a call and together we'll map out a strategy that will engage your team and enhance your work culture.  We look forward to partnering with you!

In great health!

Tricia Mahoney,

Innovative Solutions

Let our hard-working team motivate your employees. Our enthusiasm is contagious!

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Lifestyle choices = 75% of health costs

Inactive employees request more sick days and are less productive when they come to work not feeling well. Your health insurance costs will soar if you do nothing to help these employees. 

Wouldn't you rather take the money earmarked for healthcare insurance and put it towards programs and services that will benefit your employees and your bottom line?  

A strong wellness initiative can substantially lower those rising costs and allow you to better allocate your money.

Doing nothing is the most expensive option.

Provide a strong wellness platform

What you can do to make a difference

Show your employees that you care about their health and well being.  Deliver innovative programs that are engaging and empower individuals to take their health seriously.  

Take a hard look at your company culture.  Is the atmosphere comfortable? Is this a place where people want to work or is it just a paycheck for them?  Every business can be a place where employees feel valued and thrive.  What benefits the employees, benefits the business.  We'd like to help.

We make Wellness Fun!