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What a nice thing to say!

With more than twenty five years of event management experience and eleven years of workplace wellness program development, our team has has the expertise that you are looking for.  Hear what our customers had to say:

“Tricia Mahoney has done an excellent job energizing our employees to take charge of their health.  The programs she’s developed for us have helped change the culture, were instrumental in reducing our health care premiums and built camaraderie among co-workers and departments.  I highly recommend Tricia and her team at TrendSetters Workplace Wellness.”     G. Harrington, Wake Forest Commissioner/Ret. Police Chief

"Tricia was a key resource for instituting the Town’s wellness program. The now well established program has helped keep our recent employee health insurance annual rate increases much lower than they otherwise would be.   Tricia worked with our insurance broker to negotiate with the major health insurance companies to get the best possible insurance rates for the Town and our employees. I know Tricia to be an enthusiastic individual who will give full commitment and will work tirelessly for her clients and customers."     R. O’Donnell, Deputy Town Manager

"Tricia Mahoney was instrumental in setting up a wellness program for the Town of Wake Forest...She started a wellness committee and two Biggest Loser Challenges, Wellness Wednesdays, monthly massages, nutritionists, and health fairs! We have lost so much weight and are now empowered to be healthier and happier people. We couldn't have done it without you..."     H. Miller, Assistant Town Engineer

"The town saved $300,000 off its initial proposed rates for this year. The town’s average rate increase over the past three years was less than one percent, and each year since the wellness program was implemented, that change has been ‘exponentially’ less.”     J.Price, Insurance Broker

“The Town’s health insurance rates just dropped 4.3 percent for 2012-13, a figure Wake Forest Commissioner Frank Drake called ‘astonishing’ when it was announced at a May board meeting.”

“Since the wellness program started in Wake Forest in 2007, the town has received about $75,000 in credits. More importantly, the town’s high-dollar claims have decreased significantly, and annual health care costs have leveled off instead of rising as they did in the past. I think it is fair to say the town has saved tens of thousands of implementing and staying the course with a strong wellness initiative.”

“It’s not just health, but getting to know each other. I’ve loved every minute of it. I looked forward to getting everyone involved. There was great improvement and I think a lot of people shocked themselves. I still see people doing (the exercises) even two months out. It was a great benefit to all employees.”

"I couldn't think of a better person than Tricia Mahoney to manage workplace wellness for ANY company, regardless of size!  She is a class A professional."