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Corporate Packages

Our corporate packages offer a complete wellness solution for your organization.  Our extensive resources provide the information you need to improve your employees’ health, increase participation and save you and your employees money.  Most importantly, we do it all by making your wellness/engagement program fun, affordable and easy to implement!


  • Engage
    Our full service corporate wellbeing solution includes innovative strategies to build a rock solid foundation for your wellness initiatives. This fully customizable program is a combination of our other two popular programs (Inspire and Thrive).  We add the program development/consulting aspects of our Thrive program and the on-site engagement and enthusiasm of our Inspire program and blend them together to make the most all-inclusive, bells and whistles wellbeing/engagement platform for you and your team.  

  • Inspire
    Do your employees lack motivation?  Let's help you spice things up! With this package, we deliver interactive training, team-building initiatives, employee appreciation events, and other motivational resources to build team camaraderie and enthusiasm.

  • Thrive
    Do you feel like your employees are thriving or merely surviving? If it's the latter, then it might be time for a culture check-up to help assess the situation. By using our proprietary culture audit assessment, employee feedback, and policy and wellbeing initiatives review, we are able to get a clear picture of your corporate culture.  We will assess the information and provide an aggregate report that will address key issues, recognize areas of strength, and areas for improvement.  We will provide strategic recommendations to support the culture that you are aiming for and provide a roadmap for success.